plaatje: Vakantiefietser

Peter's Homepage

plaatje: Vakantiefietser

Hello my name is Peter Horlings.
On this website I've tried to give an impression of myself and of the things that interest me. I hope you like it, if you have any reaction on my site please select 'Reactions' in the menu. I'm always open for critics to improve my homepage.

First off all a picture of myself and one of my girlfriend Reina:
foto: Peter Horlings foto: Reina Rentema

My hobbies: Cycling (cycling holidays)
Tracking (tracking holidays)
Expanding my IT knowledge
Reading (though I haven't read much lately)

If you want to see some pictures of our holidays, please select photos in the menu. The bicycles we have are, Koga WorldTravellers and a Koga TwinTraveller. The trailer is a Radical Design Cyclone. We use Ortlieb Waterproof Bicycle-bags for packing.

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